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vegan meal

Veganism: More Than Just the Food You Eat

More Than Just A Diet Talking about veganism makes most people think about a vegetarian diet. The most well-known definition of a vegan is someone who does not eat meat

woman going to prom

How to Plan the Virtual Prom Night

Due to the ongoing pandemic, high school seniors worldwide don’t have the means to celebrate an important springtime tradition — prom. This is a special celebration among highschoolers that solidifies

doing laundry

Is This the Future of Laundry?

Doing the laundry seems to be one of those chores that everybody hates. It’s commonly right up there with washing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom. And yet, “fresh linen”

Side view of beautiful young woman dating online on laptop at home

How the Pandemic is Changing the Dating Game

The pandemic might have forced months of physical distancing, but that didn’t stop many people to seek out emotional closeness during this time of isolation. Multiple dating applications reported surges

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